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A NEW FARM WOMAN spent close to half an hour inspecting a wine list before selecting the cheapest option.

Friends of the 28-year-old advertising client relation’s manager assistant say she had no real reason to pretend she cared, or was even interested, in what she was ordering.

“It was just… yeah it was pretty frustrating,” said one source.

“The restaurant was really busy. So we kind of knew it was best to hurry up and order,”

“But still, she made them come back three times because she hadn’t ‘made up her mind’ while staring at the wine list,”

“She was throwing around names of wineries from the Margaret River… Acting like she was about to put down $95 for a bottle of white wine on a low key sunday night dinner,”

However despite her initial eagerness to order a top shelf Western Australian bottle, the self-confessed foodie who goes by the name of Anna Berry, decided to settle for a $4.00 glass of the house white.

“It was so unnecessary” says close friend, Sally.

“I don’t know if it was a way of showing off how much she researches wine, or a knee-jerk reaction to someone’s suggestion of paying separately,”

“Either way it was quite painful for everyone involved.”


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