Local gweilo, Jeremy Eggman has once again blown away his greater social circle with his bizarre artillery of facts about their own cultures.

As the random white dude in a group of entirely Asian friends, Jeremy well and truly fits the part with his flamboyantly dyed hair and uniform of K-Pop merchandise.

While the nationalities differ between his Asian friends, it seems that so does Jeremy’s general knowledge about each of their own homelands.

“Oh yeah. The xiao long bao (soup dumplings) are awesome in the Singapore Hawker Markets hey. What’s the main spot though? The Newtown Food Centre. Yeah, I’ve heard the Laksas are the highlight, they’ve nailed the broth seasoned with sour asam.”

It is unclear if Jeremy has ever even visited any of these Asian countries that he is an expert on – However, his in-depth understanding of hundreds of different culinary techniques and dishes appears to be something that even tourists would not pick up on.

In fact, his general knowledge is very much verging on full blown academia.

What is also not clearly defined is where Jeremy lives, and if he commutes into Chinatown – or he actually lives there – because his familiarity with the little-known Vietnamese, Chinese, Singaporean, Filipino, Korean and Japanese restaurants in the area suggests he doesn’t spend much time anywhere else.

And like all token gweilo, or gaijin – Jeremy’s obsession with Asian culture does not stop at food. He also knows every single pop band to ever come out this continent of 4.5 billion people.

As well as every single style of cartoon, or manga – as well as the extremely niche video games that he plays on an imported device.

While his friends say it’s refreshing to have a non-Asian friend who shows so much respect to their culture – they do wish he would just speak in his natural Australian twang like the rest of them do, rather than remaining committed to his neutral mid-Atlantic Kid Laroi accent.


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