Dodgy older cousin, Tyrone (39) says he often dreams about the good old days when several $20 dollar pingers would have him cutting shapes in warehouse raves for 28 hours.

“Man, those were good times,” says Tyrone, now based in Wollongong.

“I’d be so pinged up for days on end. We’d be blaring Moby and Darude. Those were the good old days,”

While he says his warehouse rave days are pretty much behind him, Tyrone can’t help but have the odd pinger here and there, just to see what its like for the young fellas nowadays.

“Today’s pingers are so shit, mate. It’s like eating a mouthful of pre-trainer,”

“and people fighting eachother? What’s that about. In the 90’s we were just hugging and kissing”

Tyrone, who now works at one of the last remaining Blockbuster video stores in Australia, says the idea of snorting crystalized MDMA was never something that crossed his mind during his ‘heavy days’.

“Nah, never. It was all about those pink little mitsus,” he says sheepishly before ripping a cone of south coast buds through a crushed up Gatorade bottle.

“The stuff these kids are onto nowadays is so bad for you [breathes out]”.


  1. Totally agree mate. Pingers in the old days would have you loving the nearest telegraph pole. I still remember feeling like a waterfall of electricity was rushing through my body. Now days you can’t even trust the synthetic cannabis. Take my word. Buy or rent 5 acres and grow your own cannabis. Before you know it, if you’re renting, you’ll be buying and negative gearing your drug empire. It’s not hard. Buy a $10 seed and sell the full grown plant for $10,000. And you can still collect the dole.


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