Erskineville local Tim Pepper, who hasn’t seen a live band play since the Olympics Closing Ceremony, has today  assured his son’s guitar teacher that he, in fact, also used to play in bands and occasionly have a ‘few big nights’ after a gig.

After tuning his sons guitar and ripping through some ‘rusty’ licks before handing the guitar back to
his bewildered child, he assures Jamie Dennison, local guitar tutor and struggling musician, that he
used to rip those out at The Landsdowne back in his day to many an adoring fan.

“Yeah. I’m glad he’s learning this stuff” says Mr Pepper.

“I was always really glad I got to experience playing in a band. I still whip out the ‘axe’ every now and then and play a bout”

“Mind you, back in our day we didn’t need a teacher. Just a garage and a couple amps”

“We even did a few tours down the South Coast”

How Tim has no discography and has afforded a townhouse somewhat bewilders John, but also
assures him that he’s not going to get stiffed for cash after he finishes teaching Tim’s son howw to play an instrument that has nothing to do with any contemporary top 40 music.


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