Protests over the death in custody of George Floyd are continuing in over 50 major cities across the United States.

In some areas, the riots have descended into looting, as law enforcement loses the ability to de-escalate the demonstrations that were ironically kickstarted by law enforcement’s inability to de-escalate the routine ID check of an unarmed black man who was murdered by police on live video in Minneapolis 6 days ago.

However, it appears that the frustrated crowds are now turning their attention to the the political class that have provoked this volatile underclass to the point of complete civil disorder.

Police have marched on large crowds of protesters gathering near the White House and National Guard members have been deployed in to protect Town Halls in Minneapolis and other cities around the country – as the protests begin to get a bit scary for the political elite.

14772 kilometres away from the Minnesota capital, local Quiet Australian Tony Bishop (54) says that these bloody protestors need a good clip around the ears.

It’s a sentiment echoing right across the country through conservative news channels like The Australian and Sky News.

The Betoota Heights based tractor retailer says you can tell all of these protestors received a trophy in team sports, because this kind of disrespect for authority only comes from a childhood of never hearing the word no.

Despite the fact that Tony nearly lost his entire franchise after comments he made about Julia Gillard on a local talkback radio in 2011, the father-of-three says this kind of civil and disobedience towards government is a worrying trend that never existed before Waleed Aly was on TV.

Tony’s newfound respect law and order also come as a stark contrast to his habit of routinely telling traffic police to fuck off and catch real criminals, every time he gets pulled over for speeding or driving erratically while arguing with his wife.

“It’s not the same” he says, when asked to compare Americans protesting the systemic racism engrained into law enforcement, and the time he nearly got taken to the watch house for telling a 60-year-old QLD police officer to suck his cock during a random breath test.

“These people are snowflakes”

“Andrew Bolt is right. This is just an opportunity for minority groups to steal free stuff because they weren’t raised properly”


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