Young mother of two, Maree Hardy says the Christmas spirit is alive and well in her family home this season.

“Everyone’s excited! The tree is up and our boys have written their letters to Santa. They can’t wait,”

With two sons in kindergarten and a stay-at-home husband, Maree is the sole breadwinner in their South Betoota household and after working sixteen hour days in public relations for the last few months, she says she looks forward to the holiday break more than anyone.

“The boys have been going wild about presents, it’s a really special time of the year for our family”

Unfortunately for Maree’s husband and sons, it’s very unlikely that any of them will be able to pick what type present mum wants this Christmas. Let alone purchase it.

“I’ll probably end up with a new juicer or some random type of kitchen appliance. It’ll end up in the garage,”

“But if we are talking about the type of gift that I only get to enjoy using for twelve hours, I’d much prefer two bags of good rack,”

“… and I’m not talking about the type of coke we get at these lame PR events, I’m talking about pure-cut Western Suburbs bikie coke,”

While Maree acknowledges that a $500 dollar present might be a bit ambitious, she says she is interested in hearing what her husband thinks about the idea

“Richard doesn’t mind a couple of hot ones here and there, but it’s been a long time since we’ve been able to sit down with a couple bottles of white wine and rack up off an iPhone for an entire evening.

“I think his biggest concern will be where we can find a baby sitter over the Christmas break,”

Maree says she is contemplating writing her own letter to Santa, and giving it to the charismatic guy that works at the cafe down the street.

“I really hope Hazim can organise a white Christmas for our family… Maybe he can take the kids for the night as well,”



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