4-month-old, Jack Peachey, has given clear consent to his mother posting upwards of 450 photographs of him on an array of social media channels, it has been confirmed.

The consistent stream of baby photographs are also captioned with generic motherly proverbs, such as:

“Jack William Peachey, a Sagittarius… and he knows it!”

“NO! I’m the boss! lol”

“Oh, this boy of mine,”

“When’s daddy coming home? I’m hungry! lol”

“Anyone who has a infant child like I do will relate to this photo of my infant child covered in baby food! Ahhhh what a nightmare!”

Sources close to the family can also confirm that in Jack’s short lifetime, his digital footprint is now larger than his own mothers.

“I can tell you, the 450 photos that actually made it online is nothing compared to the 18,543 currently sitting in his mum’s iPhone photo album,” says Glen, the Melbourne toddler’s Godfather.

“Obviously Jack needs to look his very cutest before Sarah [Jack’s mother] sends photos of him out into cyberspace, where they will can be viewed by just about anyone with access to a smartphone,”

“I’m just glad Jack’s okay with it all. I sure as fuck wouldn’t be,”

One thing that Jack may not be aware of however, is the fact that these same 450 photos have also been duplicated across several different mediums, in order for Jack’s mum to achieve maximum reach when showcasing her cute little boy.

When considering each photo is shared on both Instagram, Facebook, TinyBeans and email – A more realistic figure would be 1800 photos of Jack Peachey being shared with mostly uninterested social media users

Again, the figure of 1800 photographs that are permanently online until the rest of time – is is not taking into account the number of photos that exist on his mother’s iCloud storage drive (just short of 20,000).

Sarah Peachey-Clymont, Jack’s mother has played down her son’s already hefty social media presence by simply stating that she only takes a couple of photos of him when she’s bored at home by herself.

“He loves it when the camera is on him,”

“He can’t get enough of it, my little boy.”


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