An easy-going attitude towards the EFTPOS machine has saved one local chippy at South Betoota Maccas today.

As it looked like he wasn’t going to be eating lunch unless he could pay half card, half cash.

After four months in the real world, the 18-year-old has found that sometimes you just need to shamelessly put yourself out there.

“Yeah is it alright if I pay half card?” he asked, knowing he had at least $5.oo dollars in his bank account after buying a packet of cigarettes three days ago.

“I’ve got the rest in coins” he shamelessly announces.

Like many poor buggers on the tools, local 1st-year apprentice, Grant Kelly, is fucking flat out trying to get by.

“I can’t even afford a night on the piss” he says.

“I’m lucky my folks are letting me live at home. Do you know how much a fucking car costs to run between four job sites?”

While asked if he was at all embarrassed about his inability to purchase a medium Big Mac meal without using two forms of payment, Grant says fuck no.

“I’m not really concerned about what they think aye” he says.

“They might be earning more than me but at least I’m learning things”

“Like how to hang 32 doors a day and sweep up my bosses empty Ice Break bottles and cigarette butts”


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