Peter Dutton talking to ABC24 this morning about the Federal Government's plans to revamp Christmas Island as an exotic party getaway


22 October, 2015. 16:05

CLANCY OVERELL | Editor | Contact

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton stated on Radio National this morning that he would not be “blackmailed by human decency,” 

Mr Dutton was responding to the claims of self harm and detiorating mental health of children in Nauru, made by 4Corners last night.

While addressing the Opposition in question time, the Minister conceded that “Referring to this people as ‘children’ was the only mistake I have made – that’s the closest I’ve come to endangering our bipartisan attempts to dehumanise them in a way that would render their lives of very little importance,”

Mr. Dutton claims that any attempt to make him feel anything even vaguely resembling human empathy is: “in itself immoral, impossible, and a clever plot from devious advocate groups trying to have refugees treated with some semblance of kindness, which is in itself, misleading.”

“Listen,” said the Minister to the press gallery, “I’ll tell you what I’ve been telling those three ghosts that visit me every Christmas and the howling apparitions that moan ‘shame’ at me during every waking hour of my existence: I will not be made to feel guilty for following the correct legal procedures.”

The Minister, who was recently led by a floating dagger towards then Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s sleeping quarters, has claimed any attempt to “move him from the fiery path to hell by soothsayers, witches, blind hermits, disembodied voices, or astral projections of his dead ancestors will be “justifiably ignored” and that he refuses to “heed  their warnings of his innate moral turpitude contributing to the slow disintegration of modern Australian society.”

“Operation Border Force did a great job last week intercepting the illegal importation of over 20 million cigarettes,” reiterated Dutton on the ABC “Do you know how evil cigarettes are? Isn’t that enough good to stop blood coming out of my taps every morning?”

The Minister went onto claim that nightly visitations from a weeping Christ are “typical” of the ABC’s portrayal of last week’s events.

The Minister concluded his criticism of the ongoing scrutiny, stating that: “I’ve got one word for the skies turning a curdling crimson and clouds coming together to form an unending army of undead weeping refugee children – petty.”


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