Bree and Brendon Thompson just can’t stop kicking goals.

The trailblazing young couple from Betoota Heights have this week wowed their friends, by winning the race to another one of life’s significant milestones.

The couple were the first in their extended friendship circle to get engaged, married and buy a house, ticking off a number of goals ahead of time.

They were trumped to the kids milestone by a couple of friends who were keen to get a quick win on the board and prove to their friends, family and acquaintances how good they were at being ‘adults.’

However, Bree and Brendon will be staying on top of the social milestone leaderboard for quite some time now, after being the first in their groups to get divorced!

While a number of relationships have looked like being washed up on the rocks over the last few years, Bree and Brendo have been praised for biting the bullet and making the split official.

“Yeah, good on them for having the courage to just sort it out,” said one of their friends who spoke to The Advocate under the condition of anonymity.

“Rather than bitterly gritting their teeth through a loveless relationship and subjecting all those around them to the passive aggressive bickering in public settings and teaching their kids that this how two adults in a relationship should interact.”

“I was kind of hoping myself and xxxxxxxx would be the first there, but we Bree and Brendo have always been the go getters in the group.”

“Shit, did I just say xxxxxxx, can you take that out please?”

The split has been somewhat amicable so far, but battle lines are starting to be drawn between the girlfriends and the boyfriends, with rumours Brendo may be flirting with the good looking accounts department girl at Britta Electerical who was like 5 years below him in school.

Much, much more to come.


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