A Betoota Ponds child is today proving to her family that she is built different.

8-year-old Stephanie Stephens has done so by spending another morning maintaining her strict policy of self control when it comes to chocolate.

The older sister of Jessie (5) confirmed to The Advocate that at this rate, she’ll be enjoying her Easter Bunny until the end of May, at the very least.

The longevity of the bunny is being attributed to Stephanie’s policy of pulling off one small chunk of chocolate every day, and nibbling away on said piece in front of her little brother.

Steph’s impressive ability to only eat a little nibble has come as a daily reminder to Jessie, that he devoured all of his Easter chocolate within 36 hours.

With a significant Sunday afternoon vomit not enough to deter the young man, Jessie gorged himself on 2 big bunnies, and the better part of a dozen eggs of all shapes and sizes.

His relentless demolition of the eggs came despite warnings from his parents and his sister that he maybe should space his choccies out.

Now, every morning Stephanie is taking great pleasure in reminding Jessie of that fact.

“Yum yum yum,” says Stephanie, who’d rather let her chocolate go white and inedible before giving Jessie any.

“That was a delicious. Just a little bit for me though,” she finished, delicately wrapping the bunny back up and putting it in the fridge while Jessie plots whether it’s worth risking it all and just going for the bunny when Steph’s not looking.

More to come.


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