An unattended Country Road tote bag sitting in an empty room at a house party is most likely full of warm but delicious vodka cruisers, it has been confirmed.

It is believed that the carry bag, notorious within private school girl circles, also probably has a phone charger and some expensive beauty products in it, making it a sitting duck for gatecrashers.

The bags owner, Maddie, who is currently on the dance floor, has no idea that her belongings are being eyed off by drunk blokes who are sick of drinking beer and need a bit of a sugar hit.

“It’ll be fine in that room, won’t it?’ she says to the hosts, who don’t why she bought the large travel bag to such an event.

“Yeah. Sure” says the host, Brett.

However, Antony – a dodgy but well-known friend of the host has had enough drinks for his fingers to get a little bit sticky.

“I bet you there is some guava flavoured pre-mixers in that bad boy” he says as his eyes light up.

“Maybe even an iPad or something… Not that I’d steal an iPad… But I’m gonna have a look anyway”

With the party now at full capacity, there is a huge chance Maddie will be posting some sort of panicked comment on the event’s Facebook page tomorrow morning, before returning to the house and enlisting the hungover housemates to help her find her missing belongings.




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