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A South Australian man has been left wondering what everyone else has in their hands today after going to the stickball out the The Grange.

Seamus Sterling, of Prospect, was given tickets to the LIV Golf tournament by his work for being the employee of the month down at the local whale oil plant in nearby Glenelg.

It was the first time he’d ever been in a stickball park, he told The Advocate today.

“There’s a lot of fuss,” he said.

“People everywhere. The traffic out here was ridiculous. Can you believe it took me 11 minutes to get out to The Grange from Modbury? I’ve never seen this game before. It looks similar to footy, in that there are teams and balls. They might have sticks in that eastern state football but around here, no sir, we don’t use sticks when we play football,”

“Many people had these funny gadgets that they pointed at the hitters. What are they? They all seem so engrossed in them. It must be some kind of eastern, convict magic.”

When asked if he was going to come back tomorrow, Seamus said no.

More to come.


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