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With social distancing in place and a lot of us being forced to self-isolate, many have been scratching their heads about how to fill in this time in a way that doesn’t involve imaginary internet points.

If you’re staring down 14 days of isolation (presumably more when the government finally gets it’s shit together and goes into lockdown) why not tackle the masterpiece of novel literature that is The Stand by Stephen King?

Follow this collection of realistic characters as they contract a deadly influenza strain that leads to society’s ultimate downfall, resulting in a hellish dystopia and maybe even a visit from Satan himself, all in that classic King style.

Be comforted by the idea that you can spend a pandemic at home with your tins of butter beans and not in a rag-tag group of the 1% who are immune to a disease that wiped out humanity along with any hope of the footy returning.

What more could you ask to take your mind off the shortage of toilet paper and the slight cough you have that is making you wonder if any of this is even real? 

Additionally, The Stand is soon to be adapted into a TV series so if you read it now you’ll feel extra smug about having survived the real-life pandemic while preparing to watch a show based on a Stephen King book.


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