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While plenty of the country are losing their jobs due to Covid-19, The Advocate can confirm that there is one group in society for whom employment is absolutely booming.

It appears that over the past week, the employment of household dogs has risen a staggering 500%.

The Advocate managed to interview the Good Boys Union president, Spot, to see how he and the other dogs were dealing with the unprecedented demand for dogs right now.

“It’s about time, to be honest with you”

“For too long my dogs have been taken for granted, so it’s good to see them getting jobs now when all these humans are getting let go”

When asked how he felt about how their employment came about, Spot became visibly agitated, he began pacing back and forth and emitting a low growl.

“Mmm yes. Well, it may seem like a joke to humans who are working from home, but my dogs and I take our new jobs very seriously”

Spot is referring literally every dog owner in Australia sharing a photo of their dog with the caption “new colleague”.

“They only ever take photos of my dogs on their lunch breaks when they’re laying out in the sun, not when they’re in the trenches keeping this economy ticking over”


More to come.


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