A young NRL prodigy has dared to dream this afternoon, wistfully fantasising about what life must be like as an NFL footballer.

Sitting onboard a Greyhound bus to pre-season camp in Coffs Harbour, popular outside back and U/19’s Kangaroo representative Kade Harley-Best, is believed to be deep in thought, considering which NFL club he’ll play for when that day eventually comes.

After a strong rookie season, it’s understood Harley-Best is showing all the early signs of a sports career that could take him to the heights of a train and trial deal for the Detroit Lions.

Forced to share an armrest with an unvaxxed 127kg teammate from the back of Queanbeyan, it’s believed today’s daydream was inspired by the dismal 7-hour bus trip soundtracked by the crackling blare of Remember The Titans playing on the Greyhound TV.

“Brah I love footy but like imagine flying around the states on a private jet,”, Harley-Best told The Advocate.

“Nothing against the NRL or nuthin’ but I’m about to run sand dunes for two weeks, while those Gridiron players date Kardashians and have dinner with Jay Z”.

“Think I know where I’d rather be!”

When asked about the potential to stay in Australia and develop a relatively lucrative NRL career, Harley-Best admitted he was unenthused at the opportunity to become sponsored spokesperson for a North Queensland beef jerky company.

“After that whole Bali nightclub video did the rounds, I actually had a few law firms say they’d sponsor me, but that’s not really what I’m after.”

“Man over in the US, Nike and Beats pretty much kit you out in fresh gear every game.”

“Last year I had to sell my two free pairs of boots on Gumtree just so I could buy a suit for my Grade 2 high tackle judiciary hearing, I’m ready to go bigger!”

After speaking to The Advocate it’s understood Harley-Best texted his manager to ask if he knew anything about how the college football system works, or if they’ve heard about that Rugby Union thing that all the Kiwis play.


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