In breaking news out of the nation’s capital, a rich white dude from Sydney has replaced another rich white dude from Sydney as the Prime Minister.

After an incredible week in the bush capital, a rich white man named Scott Morrison has replaced Malcolm Turnbull as the Prime Minister of Australia today.

This comes after Scott Morrison stormed home late to pip Peter Dutton and Julie Bishop in the leadership ballot and become the leader of the Liberal Party and the country.

It can be confirmed that Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton have fucked up the numbers and misjudged their support base in pushing for a second spill which has sensationally allowed the party leadership to be pinched from under their noses.

With many in Dutton’s camp assuming it a done deal after forcing Turnbull’s Ministers to resign and pushing for a leadership challenge, the conservative right-wingers have been left crushed by the decision today.

And, in even more sensational news, a rich white woman has been replaced by a rich white man for the Deputy Prime Ministership, with Josh Frydenberg taking over from Julie Bishop.



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