As of last night, Gold Walkley award winning Dr Norman Swan has officially replaced NSW Fire and Rescue Chief Shane Fitzsimmons as Australia’s daddy.

This comes as Norman Swan, host of the ABC Coronacast, has risen through the clutter as a calming voice on the current coronavirus pandemic.

As state and federal governments now juggle between trying to slow panic surrounding COVID-19, while also slowing the spread of it – very few medical voices have emerged through the misinformation and sensationalist news cycle.

That was until Dr Norman Swan extended his arms and let our troubled nation nestle into his calming embrace, which of course is metaphorical because that would be a reckless departure from the social-distancing protocol he has been trying to condition us to

While our Prime Minister and state leaders aren’t known for acting immediately on the advice of experts – quite often unqualified talkback radio commentators are known for trying to take advantage as the voice of reason and authority during uncertain times like these.

Thankfully Australians have options outside of listening to Alan Jones describe the pandemic as ‘the global warming of health’ to his elderly listeners, while in recording in quarantine from his rural safehouse.

Similar to NSW Fire and Rescue Chief Shane Fitzsimmons commanding the nation’s attention with his hard facts and advice during the 2019/2020 climate fires – Norman Swan is now one of the leading experts in how to not die from the most recent national emergency that our government has been dragging it’s feet on.

After all that rain in February, Shane Fitzsimmons, says he’s relieved to hand over Daddy status to Norman and his soothing Scottish accent.

“He’ll do a great job” said the NSW Fire & Rescue commissioner, who guided our nation through those troubled times at Gospers Mountain, Taree and the South Coast in December.

“He’ll make a great Daddy”



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