In recent years, radio listeners have observed a new phenomenon where various bands and artists have been making music that sound a lot like pop-punk band Paramore.

However, in a Betoota Advocate exclusive we can confirm for you that the Paramore inspired band you are listening to is indeed just Paramore.

Founded in Franklin Tennessee in 2004, Paramore were right in the thick of the emo wave that means any formerly fringed mondo kids can only describe the band and their lead singer, Hayley Williams, as iconic.

Just like emo fringes, studded belts and sweat bands as an accessory, many music listeners think of Paramore as a thing that happened with fuck all knowledge that they’re still going and literally made triple j’s Hottest 100 of 2023.

“Musically, they are the most important band of the ‘00s,” stated long time Paramore fan Vicki Nandavar, who as a grown up no longer has any Paramore posters hanging that are unframed and unsigned.

“Culturally, they are the most important band of the ‘20s.”

“People will keep discovering them either through Olivia Rodrigo, during the Twilight rewatch we all make time for once a quarter or through the music they keep releasing in which they cite themselves as their biggest musical influence.”

Our reporting team then asked Nandavar who let her into our office as she didn’t have a visitors badge and there was no interview organised.


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