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A modern fusion restaurant in Betoota’s bustling inner-city suburb of Greviequa has today proudly declared that they are now so popular that they have to worry about made up allergies that rich people diagnose themselves with to feel alive.

Having only opening in November last year, Australasia, has already been featured on a viral Facebook video that shows one of their chefs blowtorching a toffee apple.

“It’s unprecedented” says Australasia owner Sarah Lee

“We knew we were getting pretty good reviews on Yelp… But never thought we’d be at the point where people come in here and start altering our menus to suit themselves”

“It’s a great sign for the year to come”

Greviequa, which is a syllabic abbreviation from Greek/Vietnamese Quarter has been popular for those suffering from trend allergies for many years now, as the city’s bourgeoise attempt to identify some sort of struggle in their life.

Local stay-at-home boutique Balinese-made jewellery importer, Chloe La Pierre, says it’s great to find a restaurant that is willing to forgoe lactose, gluten, fructose, fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols.

“There’s not many places that can cater for me, and my children” she says.

“Thankfully Australasia allows you to basically reformat their entire specials list to suit whatever allergy you think you might have”


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