A woman has today been torn between standing up for what she believes in or avoiding angry comments from disgruntled family members, it’s reported.

Alyssa Gruegon [22] is alleged to finally have had enough of the glaringly obvious gender roles, which saw the women of her family doing all the cooking and cleaning, while the men sat down and actually got to enjoy Christmas.

Despite Alyssa’s desire to challenge this tradition, she couldn’t help but feel guilty and lazy for being the only woman in the family not slaving over a hot stove or washing the dishes, which was further imbued when she felt the judgemental glances coming from every direction.

Seething with anger as she watched her dad, grandfather and brother in law continue to be waited on hand and foot, Alyssa failed to understand why they didn’t feel the slightest bit of guilt or even a shred of empathy – whilst also feeling resentful towards her mother and aunties for not revolting or speaking up, therefore completely enabling the inconsiderate behaviour.

Though in all honesty, she didn’t have the guts to tell her family off either.

Knowing she’d be branded as a lazy, entitled Gen Z, Alyssa begrudgingly headed to the sink to offer her poor mum a hand, feeling like a coward and a traitor to her cause.

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