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Judging by Tim Bearfoot’s tenth consecutive Instagram story this afternoon, he is on a boat.

The stories have been a mixture of selfie videos and poorly framed wider contextual shots of the boat and its wake as he cruises around somewhere of the Queensland coast.

This influx of sharing has come as a surprise to his followers as the young bushie very rarely offers insights into his life on the farm, probably because there’s not much interest in seeing drought content anymore.

According to Bearfoot’s stories he boarded the boat at about 10:30am with a couple of his mates, one of whom is the owner of the boat – made known by a story dedicated to him.

“Plumbing business must be booming, hey fellas,” he can be heard saying in the video while showing off the boat.

From there, the frequency of videos appears to increase concurrently with his level of intoxication, yet the quality of the videos decreases dramatically.

The Advocate reached out to Bearfoot via his DM’s to get a few more details about the dam voyage.

“Get a water taxi out here right now!” was his first reply.

We then asked whether he thought he might continue to hold a presence on Instagram he replied,

“Oh yeah nah I dunno hey fellas, it’s a bit of a hassle”

While this answer is rather non-committal, The Advocate understands that Tim is attending another friend’s wedding later in the month, so we will see if love compels him to share more or if it’s restricted to purely water born occasions.

More to come.


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