A Brisbane man is recovering in hospital, after an unfortunate mishap earlier today. 

Samuel Timbs (28) has been surrounded by friends and family after slipping into a food coma a few hours ago – post his ambitious attempt to eat a burrito the size of his quad. 

Timbs slipped into the gut wrenching food coma just after midday today, after being wound up by his amigos to take on the Big Burrito x Liquid Death Challenge at the popular Mexican eatery Mad Mex. 

With a Tuesday lunchtime catch up on the cards for the CBD working fellas, Timbs had chucked out the suggestion that they take on the 1kg Burrito Challenge. 

While a couple of the other boys were just happy for a normal sized burrito, Timbs reportedly decided to boast about his ability to take on Mad Mex’s Big Burrito. 

“Mate, that’s lightweight,” laughed the big fella known amongst his friendship circle as the most susceptible to peer pressure. 

Immediately sensing the opportunity to pounce, his friends decided to challenge their loveable but impulsive friend. 

“Nah, I don’t reckon you’ve got it in you Timbsy,” said his mate Brandon, who succeeded in making Timbsy skull a schooner glass of red wine a few weeks ago. 

“1kg mate, no chance,” said another, giggling at the escalating wind up. 

“And a can of Liquid Death, you’re dreaming,” said the final member of the group, essentially sealing the deal. 

That challenge to his manhood then led to Timbsy trying and failing to eat 1 kgs of tortilla, meat, beans and filling washed down with a 500 ml tallboy of Liquid Death.

Giggling while the big fella hit the edge of being visibly unwell, it’s believed Timbs quickly slipped into a food coma with just 100 grams left to finish. 

A spokesperson for Mad Mex spoke to The Advocate about the casualty, explaining that they’ve actually purchased a burial plot as a preemptive move for situations like this. 

“We obviously hope he makes it out of the food coma,” said Mad Mex spokesperson Enrique Iglesias. 

“But in case he doesn’t we’ve done the responsible thing by making sure we have the funeral expenses covered.” 

Family and friends of Timbs are of course hoping that the plot is not needed, and he makes a full recovery. 

More to come. 


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