In what can only be described as a brilliant display of political skill and a complete misreading of the public mood, French President Emmanuel Macron has announced a snap parliamentary election.

This bold move follows a significant victory by the far-right National Rally party in the recent European Parliament elections.

This latest move is presumably to test whether the angry electorate is just “having a bit of a laugh” or genuinely feeling let down by their political class.

In accepting defeat, the French leader outlined his plan to “restore democratic legitimacy” and “determine whether the French really want to make the world even more grim than it already is”, by dissolving national parliament and having fresh elections.

Observers noted that his strategy seemed to hinge on the belief that voters were merely bluffing in their support for Marine Le Pen’s National Rally and that making such a big dick move will remind the French who the ‘real alpha’ is.

The European election which sparked the bold solution also resulted in huge far right wins across Europe including Germany.

Far right supporters across the continent have said they pinky promise they won’t do anything too crazy this time.

The reaction from the French populace, already jaded from years of promises of reform that somehow always involve more taxes and fewer services, have welcomed the move.

“Yes I voted far right last week but honestly, I might change my entire political views in the next 30 days because of this absolute trailblazing political move” Said Louis Benard (40) a local café owner.

Despite the uncertainty, Macron remains unfazed. 

“The French people will surely come to their senses,” he insisted, while chowing down on some overpriced foie-gras and sipping red wine.


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