A forward thinking young man has today wowed his family, friends and workplace with an incredible display of logistical nous.

Aaron Harley (24) from Betoota’s Flight Path District has shown off his supreme foresight by texting his partner this morning and suggesting they leave a bit early this arvo.

“Let’s try and beat the traffic aye,” texted Aaron, pioneering the brilliant idea that nobody has ever thought of before.

“Like, if you wrap up a bit early and we get moving before the rest of the rat race then we should make good time I reckon,” continued Aaron, formulating the genius plan on the day of he and his partners travel.

Heading to the coast for the weekend, Aaron stumbled upon the idea this morning during his commute.

“Yeah, I was just thinking, like, it’s gonna be a mad scramble to get out cause everyone’s heading off for the Easter weekend,” said Aaron.

“So if we leave before all the other idiots, then we are laughhhhhhinggggggggg.”

Aaron’s partner Elyse sighed to The Advocate.

“Yeah, no one’s ever thought of that before.”

“We’ll be the only ones on the road if we leave a bit early.”

“It definitely won’t be a carpark because everyone single other person has had the exact same idea.”

More to come.


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