The Australian Labor Party has already hit troubled waters today, with news that the new government has been hit with an extremely early poll slump.

Although the Quad meeting in Tokyo went swimingly, key ministers have been appointed, and none of the promises from the election campaign have been broken yet, a seemingly innocous strategy now has insiders panicking.

That strategy was the decison to create the Prime Minister’s dog a Twitter account.

The creation of the account for ‘adorable floof ball who loves his hooman dad’ has seen a 10% drop in the 2 party preffered vote for the Labor Party.

While those within the party have moved to try and clarify it wasn’t the PM’s office who created the account, it’s clear there’s some pretty close up photos of the dog named Toto.

In just a short space of time, the account for the crusty looking something’oodle has ammassed nearly 30,000 followers, with plenty of #AusPol followers acting like it’s the funniest/cutest thing of all time.

However, the party is now concerned that people in outer metro and regional areas who have just come back around, may be put off by an account that is dragging out the ‘doggo’ joke from nearly a decade ago.

A Labor insider explained to The Advocate this afternoon that the hope is the account just stays on Twitter.

“Look, we know how many average Australians use Twitter, so hopefully we can isolate the cringe and keep it on the platform,” she said.

“A few media organisations are already running the story, but if we can keep it off the other social platforms then hopefully we can keep the cringe at a manageable level.”

More to come.


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