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The parents of a Betoota Heights 12-year-old have told teachers at Green Road State School that they have no idea why their son has taken to throwing stones at passing cars.

It comes just weeks after the student was first disciplined for throwing stones at other kids.

The Advocate can reveal that the student has been on the school’s radar ever since they held a mock beheading under the monkey bars one recess late last year.

“We have no idea where he’s been getting these ideas,” said one of the student’s parents.

“We monitor his internet usage. He only uses TikTok and some other ones to talk to his friends. I guess that’s what they do these days. He doesn’t have many books in his room, he reads on his phone mostly. I know what he reads because it’s linked to my Amazon account. The only books he’s been downloading are the Alex Ryder books that his uncle keeps telling him about,”

“It must be the news. We’ve been making an effort to make sure we don’t watch the scary news at night. We watch the ABC. That might be where he’s been picking up on the language.”

The school reported earlier this year that the student had throw a small rock from a third-story which struck a member of the teaching staff on the head as they performed playground duty.

When the student was asked why they did that, they only uttered “Slava Ukraini” and called the assistant principal a “pug-faced fascist”.

While the school and the parents continue to scratch their heads, the student told his uncle, Clancy Overell, that he got the ideas from TikToks.

He explained to Clancy that he recently saw one where a Ukrainian sniper used a thermal scope to shoot some Russians in the head, in the middle of the night, as they pottered about the trenches.

“Look Uncle Clance,” he said.

“This one was taking a poo beside a tree and they shot him in the head! [laughs] You can see how warm the blood is because of the big spray of mist. That’s actually chunks of his head and brain being blow back onto him comrades. What’s your TikTok? I’ll send you the best ones I find.”

More to come.


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