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A veteran froth king has tried to improve the pouring skills of a local bartender, this week – with some unwanted advice. 

“Mate, love the pour. Could you get the glass angle closer to 45 degrees though?” were the words heard by bartender Jansko Klein, a German backpacker 2 months into his 3 month stint at this establishment. 

These words came from self pronounced “beerficionado” Rodney Goffman, a soft drink rep for the “red can company.”

Goffman told us he works in carbonated drinks because a good pour is his passion.

When asked why he didn’t work for a beer company he replied “I’d hate to kill the magic, I never mix business with pleasure” 

“I really love giving advice to fellow pourers, it’s a passion that not many can understand. The way I can light up the faces of an entire bar staff with a simple mention of how it tastes like the lines were cleaned recently,” Rodney proudly announced.

Jansko didn’t quite understand why someone would care so much while buying such cheap beer..

“I don’t really know why he cared so much about the pour, he ordered the beer of the month? Surely if he cared he would be buying beer that wasn’t sold cheap before it expires” says Jansko

“Good thing he didn’t notice the reason I was pouring at such a strange angle was to hide the filthy glass I’d used.”

On our way out we noticed Rodney had found a new ear to batter, with local lawn mower man Dale taking rapid fire advice from Rodney on the best way to reload a whipper snipper. 

The parting words we heard from Goffman were “nothing beats a beer from my kegerator after mowing the turf.”


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