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The Prime Minister has learned a lesson this morning that many people learn much earlier in life.

Anthony Albanese spent close to a minute washing a henna tattoo given to him by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi before the sinking feeling in his stomach prompted him to speak.

“It’s not coming off,” he said to his Chief-of-Staff, Yoon Yon-man.

“Yoon. Cancel my 4 o’clock. Go into the kitchen and get the steel wool. It’s in the same cupboard as Scotty’s old curry pans. Quick.”

Government sources say the Prime Minister was warned by his Indian counterpart’s aides but just smiled and nodded through the exchange before Albo received the hand henna and Modi had his septum pierced as is the custom in Albanese’s Sydney electorate.

Henna dye tends to last two weeks or so before it starts to take on a faded appearance. It then becomes easier to remove, especially on parts of the body that come into contact with objects throughout the day such as hands and feet.

More to come.


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