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Gina Rinehart, the Patron saint of underfunded Australian sports has today revealed her next passion project.

The billionaire at birth has confirmed to The Advocate that she has offered to bail the Melbourne Rebels out of the predicament they find themselves in.

Her revelations follows Rugby Australia experiencing a rare blow this morning, after it was forced to cut the Melbourne Rebels from Super Rugby.

After 14 years of trying to make Rugby a thing in Melbourne, RA today has decided to pull the pin – a week after the Rebels made the finals for the first time in their history.

This comes after liquidators stepped in to reveal that the club owed 23 million dollars in debt and boasted an inventory of $12,500, some gym gear and a couple of cars.

Despite the Melbourne Storm’s inability to generate much of a thing down south despite winning and cheating their way to multiple Premierships, it had been previously hoped that the flailing Rebels would be able to kickstart a movement in Malbahn.

However, that dream looks all but over, unless the Rebels accept the offer from the mining heiress.

Sources close to the deal have confirmed that all the Rebels would need to do, is formally condemn the portrait painted by Vincent Namatjira.

If the club criticise the painting of Rinehart and demand that it be taken down from the walls of the National Gallery of Australia, it’s believed they will have their version of Twiggy Forrest willing and waiting.

Forrest famously (in the rugby community) resurrected the hopes of the Western Force, who were booted out of Super Rugby a few years ago.

Rugby fans are now hoping that the same can be done with the Melbourne Rebels, rather than all the players head to the Waratahs and somehow get worse.

More to come.


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