The cashed up billionaires behind the sporting event that’s got everyone talking, have offered up another exciting bread crumb for the media.

The billionaire venture capitalists behind the ‘Enhanced Games’ have revealed the exciting new outfits for the competitors as well as officials overseeing the events.

Doped up competitors will wear a loose fitting green tracksuit with their official number embodied on, while officials will wear a strange looking pink jumpsuit and a mask that covers their face.

Some online have criticised the organisers, accusing them of plagiarising the outfits from the popular Korean TV show Squid Game.

The billionaire boys club behind the games have yet to respond to those accusations, instead choosing to insinuate how much money is on offer for anyone who wants to give the games ago.

Set to be the first of it’s kind, the Enhanced Games will allow competitors to take any substance they want before competition in what they are claiming is a pioneering scientific event.

One vague anonymous participant has already claimed that he can beat Usain Bolt’s record, and is set to compete if it ever gets off the ground.

The location is yet to be determined, but it’s believed it might be held on a secluded secret island that no one is allowed to know the location of.

“This will be the greatest event known to man,” explained one of the organisers to The Advocate today.

“We promise it will be worth everyone’s while. We are just working on the liability waivers now.”

“But once, we get those sorted. It’s good to go.”

More to come.


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