A music industry professional has this weekend been forced to put in quite a shift.

Bowen Hills (28), a DJ at popular Fortitude Valley Establishment Cloudland had to keep the vibes pumping for over 12 hours last night after a rather rowdy group of revellers turned up.

The group in question was the West Indian cricket team, who were in quite a jovial mood after securing their first Test victory on Australian soil since 1997.

The monumental win was spearheaded by young Shamar Joseph, who hails from a remote Guyanese village and hadn’t played First Class Cricket until last year.

Despite copping a toe injury while batting and contemplating not even coming to the ground for Day 4 of the test match, Shamar managed to pick up 7 wickets in one of the best displays of bowling you will ever see.

He managed to knock Josh Hazelwood’s stump out of the ground to seal the impossible victory, with the completely written off visitors deciding it was time to party.

After concluding the post match interviews and sticking around for a couple of mid strengths with the Aussies, Shamar and the rest of team decided it was time to celebrate the win in style.

Ordering a couple of bottles and some cocktails down at Cloudland, the team then demanded that the DJ crank some Sean Paul until the sun comes up.

It’s believed a couple of Sean Kingston and Rhianna songs were slipped in there, with anyone lucky enough to be around the touring team able to be sheltered from the storm.

More to come.


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