Betoota cinema owner Glen Brooks is one of many cinlicans who has observed a strange new phenomena amongst movie going audiences.

In recent years, groups of movie goers have worn suits to the Minions movie, worn pink to Barbie and worn out the ears of all their friends after they went to an A24 film. 

This new trend however centres around Bob Marley: One Love and the audience members that show up after having gone for a swim in a freshly chlorinated pool with their eyes open.

According to Brooks, owner of Betoota’s last family owned cinema that is surrounded on all sides by four Hoytz and one Event cinema, crowds of uni student aged boys and middle aged women with dreadlocks have been showing up red eyed, potentially from a swim, a good cry or some late season hay fever. 

“The snack bar sales have gone through the roof,” stated Brooks, who is also running low on the complimentary Minties he offers for Sunday matinees. 

“I thought maybe I should start selling swimming goggles but adding Clear Eyes to the shop seems to be much more popular.”

“I honestly haven’t seen this many people so giddy from a swim since that horrible Cats movie.”


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