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A Buckingham Palace staff member has today come under fire for making a massive blunder with the Queen’s funeral plans, which has caused the Royal Family some unwanted negative press on a day of mourning.

As news spread across the world that Queen Elizabeth II has peacefully passed away, Buckingham palace’s inner circle have been called to launch ‘Operation London Bridge’, which includes arranging notifying the UK Prime Minister of the Queen’s death with the code phrase ‘London Bridge is falling down.’

Undoubtedly, the biggest responsibilities fall to the Earl Marshall, who is not only tasked with organising the State Opening of Parliament and Prince Charle’s accession to the throne but arranging the state funeral too – which will be the first time he’s ever had to undertake such important duties.

Unfortunately, it can be revealed that the Earl secretly passed on the responsibilities of organising the royal invites to his 18 year old intern, who mistook Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York (affectionately referred to as ‘Fergie’) for Fergie the singer.

The intern cites that though they’d been initially ‘confused’ that the Black Eyed Peas singer was part of the royal party, he’d naively thought that perhaps Fergie was going to perform a sombre rendition of ‘London Bridge’, and had simply fired off the invites without questioning it.

Though the Earl has been met with a lot of criticism for passing off his duties to his errand it, many secretly agree that having American Fergie there is probably better than having the former wife of a pedophile.

More to come.


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