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A self-appointed arbiter of the parameters of country music has today offered up the definitive take on Beyonce’s new album.

Luke Bryant (29) from our town’s Betoota Grove explained to The Advocate that the global megastar needs to stick to ‘HipHop and RnB.’

“Mate, Beyonce can’t be making country music,” explained the guy who listens to Morgan Wallen.

“It’s just not right,” continued Bryant, who had Last Night as his most listened song on his Spotify Wrapped last year.

His comments come off the back of Beyonce dropping her highly anticipated album Cowboy Carter.

Following the incredible mainstream success of musicians like Taylor Swift, Luke Combs and Morgan Wallen, country music has a seen a real surge in popularity around Australia and the States.

A number of artists have now visibly leaned into the country space, which has understandably angered the people who like songs about red solo cups, whiskey and a cold beer on a Friday night.

Many of those being part of the new generation of country music fans, who have conveniently ignored the roots of country music and the historical backdrop the evolution of the ‘genre.’

Beyonce has been the highest profile musician to take a journey down the country music path – something which people like Luke Bryant just can’t get around.

“It’s just so far from country,” explained Luke, who is one of those guys that fantasises about the land despite growing up in town and infrequently visiting with his cousins large property that has its own name.

“Texas Hold Em is an affront to the genre aye.”

“She doesn’t mention driving a pickup truck once in the whole song.”

“Commercialised AI written music like Morgan Wallen – now that’s music,” he finished.


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