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I’D LOVE HIM TO MEET MY STACEY: Australian mums have united this week after it was reported that Wildlife Warrier and “such a good boy” Robert Irwin (20), has split from his long term partner Rorie Buckley (19). 

Following a 12 month relationship the pair took to social media in a joint statement announcing the break up, stating: “We wanted to share that we have decided to go our separate ways but profoundly appreciate all of the time spent together and wish one another all the very best into the future”.

The unofficial son of Australia, however, doesn’t have far to look for an Estee Lauder scented shoulder and some eager emotional support.

Mums across Australia have fired up the tablets and rallied around Robert following his heartbreak, with upwards of 200 closed Facebook groups dedicated to finding him a new girlfriend reportedly having been created in the last 7 days. 

The Advocate spoke to one of the admins of said Facebook groups titled a somewhat-misled-but-the-vibe-is-there ‘Justice for Robert’, 64 year old Tammy from Roma Hills, who stated she is making it her “mission to set Robert up with a nice girl”.

When asked if she knows any eligible suitors for the recent bachelor zookeeper, Tammy stated “my daughter Amanda is 22 and would be so lovely for Robert. She’s a nurse and loves animals. She has a boyfriend right now but between us we’d much prefer Robert”. 

Eagle eyed millennial daughters of the United Mothers for Robert Movement (UMFRM) have noticed an interesting development in the breakup saga in recent days, observing that both Robert and Rorie have deleted all social media posts together from their instagram profiles.

“This can only mean one thing”, Tammy stated, “he’s ready to move on and it’s time to meet Stacey.”

When asked if she has any way of contacting the Irwins to set up this blind date, Tammy stated “My son Scott is helping me, he’s going to do something called ‘sliding into DM’s’.. he says he does it all the time so fingers crossed!”.

More to come. 


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