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The Prime Minister has gone on Ray Hadley’s show on 2GB this morning to play some political tee-ball after a day from hell yesterday that saw Scott Morrison outed as the right-place-right-time seat-filler he has always been.

Ray, who is widely listened to by women around the country, spent most of their cosy chit chat trying to teach Scotty from NIDA the proper art of crocodile tears.

“You need to think of something really sad for a red-blooded Aussie bloke, a larrikin if you will. Something like having a gay child or something,” laughed Ray.

“Then imagine what all your mates would say behind your back. Imagine watching them tongue kiss their partner on their wedding day, because they can do that now,”

“Or imagine people not appreciating the service of our ANZACs. People like Bob Brown booing them from the side of the parade. It’s enough to make even the most steely-eyed cowboy cry.”

Scott Morrison laughed along, because that’s what real blokes do with their mates.

“I’ll remember that for next time,” said the PM.

“Because at that bloody fucking press conference yesterday, I was trying to imagine Ricky Ponting dying or something. He’s my favourite Origin player. Fuck mate, thanks for the tips,”

“I’m actually going to NIDA night classes now like Mel Gibson did. He’s one of my Australian Heroes, Mel is.”

More to come.


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