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Two renting losers from our town’s battler belt are curious to see what will happen if they ignore the government fiscal advice and propaganda from big media and continue to spend frivolously in an economy that RBA Governor Philip Lowe is desperately trying to cool.

Governor Lowe is attempting to cool the economy to protect against a recession – and a housing market correction. As our national sense of self-worth and achievement is derived from property ownership, should the correction be too fierce, it could cause a local financial meltdown that hasn’t been seen for generations.

In order to keep inflation under control, the Reserve Bank is raising interest rates to curtail household expenditure.

Betoota Heights renters Lee and Tracey Coleman have had their rent put up but that won’t stop them from living week by week by choice.

“I want to see a proper correction, like they’re having in New Zealand,” said Lee.

“My landlord sent us a present for re-signing our lease the other day. A box of 2022 Edwards Mum Shiraz. It’s like drinking a cats tongue left to pickle in battery acid. That’s the state of the market in Betoota Heights. We pay the mortgage, they give us wine you can use to strip the paint off a D6,”

“Philip Lowe, the fucking financial Batman for rich boomers and their button-up-shirt-cunt-children, wants us to stop spending and be nice little renters and help the economy cool down so interest rates can go back down so everyone who bought in the last five years can go back to sleeping soundly at night,”

“But yeah, there’s absolutely no reason some Meriton dogbox should cost a million dollars. A nice Art Deco one in the French Quarter near the busway, sure,”

“But fuck me, this is our last chance to save the Australian middle class. If we let this correction go uncorrected then we’re just going to be rich people and the cunts who work in their shops and make their coffees and teach their little spoilt cunt children how to read.”

More to come.


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