Flying high above the clouds, away from the small town drama she’s left behind, Betoota Events Manager Chelsea Waters (26) is busy kickstarting her weekend of curated social media content.

Soaring high on Jetstar BF825 Betoota to Melbourne (via Brisbane), Chelsea is meticulously framing up a photo of the plane’s wing, as it cuts through pink fairy floss-like clouds glinting in the morning sunrise.

The first of many photos to be broadcast across her Instagram story this weekend, Chelsea nodded proudly whilst saving down the image to upload as soon as the plane’s wheels touched the tarmac and phone reception was reinstated.

Inspired by a recent nasty break-up, it’s understood Chelsea and a row of best friends have officially begun their long-awaited girls weekend as they fly to Australia’s cultural capital, Melbourne.

With an apartment accommodation booked in St Kilda and a drafted hit list of specialist Margarita bars to frequent, the group of Betoota’s most eligible bachelorettes were well prepared for 48-hours of pure carnage down Chapel Street.

Speaking to Miss Waters about the Instagram content plan she’d drafted up, the young professional told our reporter she had already planned the entire weekend.

“After the plane the next snap will be breakfast spread, I’ve already found a place that does a good bottomless brunch!”

“Then this arvo we’ll dip by the National Gallery of Victoria, I don’t think we’ll go in but at the very least get a photo of the fountain out the front.”

“Then about 8pm tonight, when we’re out we’ll take a group shot in the bathroom, add a caption like #girlsbewild or #hotgirlshit and I might soundtrack it with some Drake.”

“That’ll get the DM’s firing!”

Asked about the strategy behind the comprehensive content plan, Miss Waters told our reporter she was simply ready for a carefree weekend.

“Nah there’s nothing to it, I’m just here to live my best life, and to show everyone back in town including my toad of an ex-boyfriend, that I’m absolutely loving it!”

More to come.


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