The behaviour expected from someone who grew up in a strict South-Brisbane household doesn’t often go hand in hand with the behaviour expected from someone who cuts concrete for a living, as local Samoan Chanel Schuster (43) is well aware.

While successfully living a double life between his Church-going family in Oxley and his NRL-mad colleagues at CON-CUT pty ltd, Chanel says he has to work hard on not bringing his bogan Aussie lifestyle home with him.

“If my mother could hear they way we talk on site”

“Bro. She would lasso me with the kettle cord and beat me to death with jug”

Since taking on a job as one of the few non-whiteboys with his current employer, Chanel has learnt some terminology that would make most people’s skin crawl, especially his mother.

“Even my old man would think it’s pretty crook. And he used to be in the mob”

“My life with these blokes is just like ZOO Magazine would suggest. The catcalling, the unnecessary swearing, the iced coffee… The uncontrollable gambling addictions”

“But, I do enjoy getting on the piss with them”

Chanel says his social life has really benefitted from having bogan Aussie mates to drink with.

“Naturally, I win most arguments related to sport. Any thing to do with rugby league or rugby union… They don’t stand a chance”

“It’s really great being an All Blacks fan around these morons”

This weekend, Chanel has been invited to join the boys in a tent at Eagle Farm racetrack, for the first time in his life.

“I’m going straight to Tarocash after work. I need to get my pinstripes sorted. I’m going full Aussie this weekend. Don’t tell my cousins”

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