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As wild weather sweeps across Queensland and new south wales, sydney siders have reportedly been left scrambling to get their outfits together before Mardi Gras, refusing to let the rain ruin their carefully planned outfits.

Though some blokes have no issue with a wet T-shirt party (seeing as they’ve spent the past year sculpting some pretty admirable abs) others have resorted to other tactics to ensure their sequins, diamantes and leather don’t face the brunt of the rain. But considering one of the biggest selling points of mardi gras is to get your kit off, raincoats just won’t cut it – resulting in revellers quickly flocking to their local Kmart to buy clear ponchos.

This has unfortunately resulted in the ponchos being sold out state wide, leaving many party goers unsure of what to do next. Or if it was even worth going.

“Yeah I’m not sure what to do”, says local bloke Ethan Miller [26], “I don’t necessarily want my booty shorts getting drenched.”

“Let’s just say, it’s not…flattering.”

Another attendee, Shara Phillips, says she hasn’t hit the gym enough to pull off clinging material.

“I expect to be surrounded by a bunch of adonis’s, so I’m planning on keeping midriff covered”, she explains.

“The last thing I want is for everyone to see my mini fupa, no thanks haha.”

More to come.


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