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In a move that marks the end of an era, legendary rugby league coach Wayne Bennett has put his Scarborough fuckpad on the market. The decision to sell his long-time residence has sent ripples through the community and the rugby league world alike.

Wayne Bennett, known for his stoic, virile demeanour and unparalleled coaching career, has called Scarborough home for the past few years. The coastal shack, with its stunning views of a grassy vacant lot, has been a sanctuary for Bennett. A place away from the intense scrutiny of his professional life.

Speaking exclusively to The Advocate, Bennett shared his thoughts on the sale and the memories tied to the property.

“It’s been a tough decision, but the time has come,” said the 73-year-old coach, leaning back in his chair and gazing out at the smouldering 44-gallon drum in the vacant lot next door.

A smile comes across his face.

“This house has seen a lot of history [chuckles] Few ron-day-views [sic], moments of quiet reflection, and of course, countless game strategies planned right here in this living room. Of course, there are other memories I have among other things.”

The Scarborough property, described by real estate agents as a “charming coastal retreat,” boasts four bedrooms, a spacious garden, spa bath, spa pool, 25m swimming pool with wet bar, sauna, games room, media room, swing room, dual head shower in the ensuite, minibar, caveman-themed guest annex, mirrored ceilings throughout and its own dedicated Uber pick-up point out the front. It’s a place where Bennett could unwind, away from the pressures of leading teams to victory.

“I remember when I first bought this place,” Bennett smiled.

“It was a simpler time. Life was different. This home has an anchor for me, a place where I could be just Wayne, not Coach Bennett.”

Despite his deep connection to the property, Bennett acknowledges that life moves on and new chapters begin. He plans to downsize and find a new residence in Sydney’s Lower East Side.

“I’m not bunking with Russell Crowe again,” he chuckled. “I’ve seen Gladiator enough times to last me a lifetime! Plus, I’m not into my hoota anymore. I’m bloody 73-years-old!”

More to come.


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