The well-travelled bar of soap left in the shower of communal change rooms won’t kill you, if you can get it under a bit of water and give it a rinse, it has been confirmed

With another person’s body hair currently infused into the top of it, the gluey corners and almost jelly underside are enough to make one question whether they should use it for the sake of using it.

However, a new study has found that the ‘shearer’s soap’ found in communal showers get more of a work out than most people are willing to admit.

A recent report by the University of Western Queensland has found that 90% of all bars of soap left in communal showers in places like shearing quarters and 24-hour gyms are used by at least one hundred other people before it gets too gross and inevitably stomped into the drain.

Betoota local, Antonio, says the bar of soap left in the shower just needs to have its exterior film washed off, and it’ll essentially be as good as new.

“I just need to expose it to the stream of water coming from the shower head for 5-10 seconds and rub it a few times between my hands”

“It’s good to go after that”



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