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Alcohol loving man Nathan Shuck is clutching at straws this evening after learning his girlfriend is en-route to the pub to pick him up.

Even though Nathan has been at the pub for a while he was still not ready to pull up stumps.

Thinking on his feet, he played the one trump card he thinks will win over his girlfriend.

“Babe, just come in for one drink then I’ll take you for a nice dinner at that new Italian place,” he wrote to her in an iMessage.

Thanks to a connection at Apple, our reporter was able to obtain the message thread between Nathan and Beatrice.

[Beatrice] Omg Nathan no!! I know how this is going to play out

[Nathan] Nah this time is different, honestly, just one drink

[Beatrice] Uggghhh. Ok, fine. Just one drink and then dinner. I’m making the reservation so we will have to go.

[Nathan] Yesss.

Unfortunately for Beatrice, she should have trusted her gut.

Beatrice was last seen storming out of the pub while a drunk Nathan remained glued to a chair in the pokie room, chasing the $200 he’s already fed into Lucky 88.

More to come. 


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