It’s a set of questions many people, especially those with dads, will find all too familiar – “How’d ya get here?” or “What route ya gonna take back?”

A new study has revealed that 100 percent of all the dads across the nation would like to know what route you took to get here and/or what route you are planning to take when you leave.

“There’s really no clear explanation for the results,” Shannon Girthly, the lead scientist behind the study, told The Advocate, “Other than simple curiosity and perhaps a lack of other, more interesting things to talk about.”

The scientific evidence backs up a commonly held personal belief for many Australians – that dads always ask about what route you took and what route you’re planning to take home.

The “route question” as scientists refer to it, ranks among the highest concerns of the nation’s dads, right alongside what the weather is doing and what the footy score is.


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