A Betoota Heights office worker has today decided to bite the bullet and spare himself the pain of trying to piece together an unprepared weeknight meal.

After another underwhelming day managing the accounts for a bunch of companies he feels no affiliation with, Nathan Whitelock was left contemplating the meaning of it all.

Trying to kick a goal on a dreary Thursday night up in the Channel Country, Whitelock made the attempt to go and source the ingredients for a healthy homemade meal.

However, after a few laps of the fresh food aisle of his local supermarket, the young man with a disposable income decided to just cut the shit.

“Mate, I would have been looking at paying 5 bucks for a fucking capsicum,” sighed the tired local man.

“Add in the other ingredients, and I’m looking at a gourmet chef’s special meal from Thai Me Up down the road.”

“And I don’t have to waste my time making a piece of shit meal I don’t want to eat, then get annoyed about how much of a mess I’ve made.”

“I know they reckon they’ve got all these excuses about why fresh produce is expensive, but I don’t give a fuck tonight.”

“I’m getting a Beef Pad See Ew and some springies”

“And I’m gonna eat in and watch the world go by”

“Wanna get a feed?”

More to come.


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