The brilliants minds behind Australia’s favourite TV show have done it again, it can be confirmed this week.

Famous for portraying every day life in the form of a family of dogs, the writers of Bluey have nailed yet another relatable episode of the hit show.

Titled “Ghost Basket,” the newly released episode follows the story of Bluey’s family actualising their notable property wealth, in the form of their Red Hill home.

Appreciating astronomically over the last 30 years, the stunning free standing Queenslander house on a 1200 square metre block in the desirable suburb of Red Hill was a sizeable asset that was burning a whole in Chilli and Bandit’s pocket over the last few years.

With the lure of semi-retirement and caravaning around Australia in a few years becoming to enticing, the parents of Bluey and Bingo have sold the family home after being offered an eye-watering amount of money by the representative of a a foreign investor looking to land bank in a major capital city.

“We don’t know who the buyer is,” says Bandit.

“But a 300k deposit in cash has me not giving the slightest,” he laughed.

“10% too,” he winked.

“So I’m off to purchase a new Jayco Sillverline Outback now.”

Bandit then explained the logic behind getting rid of the family house, even though Bluey and Chilli aren’t keen on it.

“Mate, we can flip this place, buy a 5 bedder dream house with a pool in somewhere like Chermside and have well over a mil to play with for the rest of our life.”

“It’s a dream spot for a developer to come in and build 20 or 30 shoddy apartments they can flip for a sizeable profit. But we just don’t have the capital to do it.”

“The pups don’t get it, but this is the Australian dream now.”

“Selling property that you lucked into owning, that has skyrocketed in value, and then living your dream.”

“They’ll get over it when they get a year out of school to cut a lap.”

Settlement is set for a date at the end of May.

More to come.


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