A local corporate creative from Betoota’s Old City District claims to have not even noticed that some of the biggest events on the nation’s sporting calendar are taking place this weekend.

She didn’t even know that her capital city will be at the centre of all of them.

Kylie Bretherington (42) says that while she knows everything there is to know about the toxic culture of Australia’s footballing codes, she actually has no idea when then they play their season deciders.

With the The Brisbane Lions up against the Collingwood Magpies in the AFL Grand Final this Saturday, and the Brisbane Broncos taking on the reigning champ Penrith Panthers on Sunday, Kylie says she didn’t even notice any of the fanfare, because she’s smart enough to have other interests that block out the mainstream Australian news cycles and basically any conversation with anyone.

“Sorry, I don’t follow sports ball!” quips Kylie.

“Couldn’t have told you who was playing who [haha]”

Kylie says that while she can understand that Australia does have a problematic obsession with sport and sports-betting, it is kind of offensive that she should be expected to know anything about Queensland’s biggest sporting weekend in recent history, regardless of whether 95% of the eastern seaboard is talking about it.

“I’m actually going to a seafood and wine festival in the French Quarter.”

“There should be bit of cornhole and like some bocce but that’s about the only sports I’ll be watching over the weekend [haha]”


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