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Australian tennis star, Bernard Tomic's mugshot from his processing at Miami supermax
Australian tennis star, Bernard Tomic’s mugshot from his processing at Miami supermax


Online retailer, Sigmund Supplies, sold out of their new line of #FreeTomic T-shirts in just under three hours, over the weekend.

The T-shirts were designed and put to print over the weekend, upon hearing the news that the bad-boy of Australian tennis, Bernard Tomic had been arrested after incessant noise complaints in a Miami Hotel.

The Australian-based owner and operator of the store, Sigmund Remienko, says he knew it was going to be a popular inclusion, but could not have predicted how fast they would have sold out.

“the f**cking things haven’t even been made yet. I had them designed and put to print yesterday morning… but yeah we had of 20,000 orders in just one afternoon”

“It just goes to show that while this kid might be considered a universally-hated sports icon… He definitely has fans,”

The t-shirt in question. Over twenty thousands prints have already been sold as fans rush to support Tomic.
The t-shirt in question. Over twenty thousands prints have already been sold as fans rush to support Bernard Tomic.


Bernard Tomic has accepted blame over his arrest in Miami but says police didn’t give him enough time to leave his $7000-a-night hotel penthouse following complaints of loud music and early morning partying.

Tomic was arrested, handcuffed and transported to Miami’s Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center earlyon Wednesday,  The 22-year-old was charged with resisting a police officer without violence and trespassing, and was shirtless in the mugshot released by the Miami Beach police.

Authorities said he pointed his finger aggressively at hotel security officers and dismissed police officers’ requests to leave the W Hotel.

Police park outside Tomic's hotel last friday
Police park outside Tomic’s hotel last friday

Tomic played down the late-night incident as “just a noise complaint”.

“It was definitely my fault from what happened,” he told Fox Sports after being released on bail.

“But you know, that’s just penthouse livin’ bay-bay (sic)”

When asked whether he knew about the new range of shirts, Tomic in true bad-boy fashion, gave quite a colourful reply reply.

“Of course I do… My fans are down to ride. Shit, only twenty thousand? Tell those motherfuckers I’ll sign and kiss each one”

“Shit, I should be gettin paid for having my face on the shirt, oh that’s right… It’s a mugshot (laughter)”

After attempting “fist-bump” several journalists, Bernard Tomic then posed a challenge to rival Australian bad-boy, Nick Kyrgios.

“Shiiit, I ended up in cuffs bay-bay… What you got Kyrry? Ah-haaa”


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