A project home in a quiet Betoota Heights cul-de-sac is currently the scene of a major investigation this week. 

This comes after a local woman’s brand new tube of toothpaste mysteriously disappeared, just days after being purchased. 

Breanna Blicavs (32) told The Advocate that the incident is an open investigation, with the major suspect still maintaining his innocence. 

At the heart of the investigation is Toby Blicavs (34) who says he has absolutely no idea what she’s talking about. 

Despite a long record of being able to control his impulses, Toby says he has nothing to do with the new tasty tube of Watermelon Hismile toothpaste vanishing. 

“She must have had it in her sleep or something,” explained Toby, who frequently tried to tell his wife that she sleep talks and snores. 

“I definitely didn’t polish it off by consuming huge portions of the stuff,” continued the husband who sheepishly weasled his way into trying the new range of toothpaste a few days ago. 

Those comments have drawn strong criticism from his wife, who said she’s been forced to brush with some generic minty toothpaste for days now. 

“I ordered my new Watermelon toothpaste because I thought I’d treat my teeth,” explained Breanna. 

“Toby did the usual thing of giving me shit about buying fancy stuff, before getting himself a free sample after a couple of nights.”

“Then, within a week, the tube that was meant to last me months is gone.”

“Someone mysteriously broke into the house and used all the toothpaste.”

“Must have been the same people who ate all the Shapes and left the packet in the cupboard the other day too.”

“Or used the toilet paper and left an empty roll on the holder.”

“I know he did it, and I’ll crack him eventually,” she laughed. 

“I’ve told him to hit up Hismile and get me some more too.”

“I don’t care if he’s feigning innocence, he can fix this mess he created.” 


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